The Most Loved Gaming Franchises

In The World Many of us want to play the most popular games in the field to relax and spend time with families or friends and the gaming industry has seen amazing franchises since they entered the market 40 years ago, and since fans like Mario and Pacman.

Any player has its favourite franchise between Pokémon online casino games singapore and Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil. However, when will the most loved in the world be crowned? We also looked at critical ratings, overall revenue, search data from Google and Twitch views to see the most successful franchises in the world.

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Loved franchise for gaming

The Super Mario franchise is the core chain of mega ‘Mario’ franchises for 35 years. v With an overall critical score of 88.2%, this much-loved platforming game series comes first on our ranking almost as no surprise. For all the big Nintendo video game consoles, at least one Super Mario game has been available over the years.

Therefore, regardless of console age, players have always been able to follow Mario’s exploits when trying to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser in the Kingdom of Mushrooms.

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Call of Duty was released by Activision starting in 2003. It is a first individual shooter video game series. In the course of time the series focused first on games that had been played in the Second world war and saw games set in the middle of the Cold War. Call of Duty has had the best gross revenue of any series we’ve seen, shipping over 301,46 million titles in a multitude of settings and game modes.

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Grand Theft Auto takes the third place on our rankings. The Grand Theft Auto is a series of action adventure sports events published by Rockstar Games, focusing on an open universe where players are able to perform missions to further an overall history or to bring them on side-adventures.

The gameplay is mostly about driving and shooting, with often playing roles and stealth elements.

Popular playing of Nation

In 29 out of 75 countries, the Call of Duty franchise is the favourite, with Animal Crossing in 24 countries the favourite. The series Witcher still stands out, with 8 of 75 countries having their favourite fantasy game. Find out the entire list below for your country’s favourite franchise. Video game franchises were drawn from the best-selling Wikipedia video game franchises, and each searched game belongs to the base game series, as illustrated on each Wikipedia franchise site and omitted spinoffs and remakes.

The critical reception score for each game comes from Metacritique which added professional video game reviews, with the exception of some older games published before the presence of Metacritique (which has since been incorporated into Metacritic). For each title, on the initial platform, we have taken a critical score for the original game. They utilized Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool to gather the average monthly search volume over the last 12 months for the 75 countries, to discover each country’s favourite franchise.