As one of the very popular betting games, blackjack requires players to master more strategies and tactics to play well.

Only by mastering the basic strategy can the rate of return of the casino be minimized. Players who are good at card counting can even reduce the rate of return of the casino to 0. Another key strategy of 21 points is your money management.

Money Management Tip 1: Set the bottom line of stop loss

After setting the stop-loss bottom line, you can not only minimize the loss, but also retain the opportunity to turn over. It’s very simple. Just set a loss amount that you are willing to bear, such as $500. Once the $500 is wiped out, it is time for you to withdraw from the poker court.

However, if you triumph all the way and win $1,000, you can continue to play, but once the $1,000 you won is only $500, you should close it immediately, so that you can not only make money, but also have a chance to win in the future. More. Similarly, if you win $1,200 and you have $700 remaining, you should stop. So on and so forth.

Fund Management Tip 2: Keep reserve funds

Unlike other games, in blackjack, as the game progresses, you may be required to bet more. In order to win doubles or even splits, you must put in more chips, and if you don’t have enough chips, you can’t continue.

Therefore, from a strategic point of view, you must always prepare enough chips to deal with these situations. Whenever you place a bet, make sure you have enough money in your hand to split or win doubles (this process is called “split bet”).

Blackjack odds

To win blackjack, one must understand the odds. Those masters who are invincible at the blackjack table will predict the future situation and bet and play flexibly to make the odds more favorable to them. The only basis for them to estimate the situation is the card information, that is, the cards they can see and the composition of the deck.

Base odds

If the basic strategy is used properly, in multiple decks of blackjack, your odds can be reduced to 0.45%. That is, for every $100 bet you place, you may lose an average of 45 cents. Of course, this does not guarantee that you will definitely lose 45 cents for every 100 dollars invested. This is a long-term probability.

If the basic strategy is not used properly (follow the feeling), then the casino will have a 5% or even higher rate of return. If insurance is added, the casino’s rate of return may reach 7%, so try to avoid insurance bets.

Odds changes

In some casinos, the rule may be “soft card 17-point dealer suspension”, or “soft card 17-point dealer draw”, the latter will increase the casino’s profitability by 0.66%. You can also choose to surrender, lose half of your bet and confiscate your cards. But if used properly, surrendering can sometimes make you feel better. In the “soft card 17-point banker suspension” rule, surrender can reduce the casino’s profitability by about 0.35%, while in the “soft card 17-point banker draw” rule, this can reduce it by about 0.55%

Other circumstances of odds

The blackjack change seems to make the player’s odds more favorable, but it is not. Many blackjack games that set preferential odds for blackjack or insurance bets use Spanish cards, in which 10 cards (non-human head cards) are drawn. In fact, a 10-point card is actually more beneficial to the player, so this approach completely offsets any positive odds.